Formerly called Touchdown Team, and before that Retirement Support, we are a team of two who work Mon-Fri. and our core hours are from 10am to 4pm.  Outside of these hours you can leave a voice message or email the team - we will get back to you asap, normally within 24 hours.

We were originally set up by British Airways, however we are now part of BA Clubs and we are located at the Imperial College London, Heston.

Our role, in a nutshell, is to maintain and support the link between British Airways and its former staff by:

  • representing the interests of former employees corporately
  • authorising former staff ID cards, travel letters and parking
  • providing help-line advice and support for former staff
  • communicating with former staff to keep them informed
  • administering the BA Welfare and Benevolent Trust Fund

Although we are not a Staff Travel department and cannot access the staff travel reservation system or help with booking problems and travel advice, if you are unable to contact Staff Travel we may be able to offer procedural advice or assist with queries regarding nominations and other aspects of your personal staff travel data.