To speed up the refund process of staff travel tickets that cannot be refunded online i.e. paper tickets or e-tickets issued for travel on other carriers, the Refunds Unit have designed an online form which, when completed, is sent electronically for the refund to be processed. This means that you will no long need to post the e-ticket receipt to the Refunds Unit for action.

The form should also be used for paper tickets refunds and the refund will be processed once the Refund office has received the paper tickets.

The form is accessed via the Travel page of the Employee Self Service website, see ‘Refund a ticket’ under Personal travel on the left hand side of the screen.

Once the form has been submitted the tickets will no longer be valid for travel. Your refund will be processed in date order of receipt.

The previous refund form which could be printed and sent with the tickets no longer applies.