Keith Williams announced last week  the creation of the role of managing director, operations. The purpose of the role is to give a strong voice, at the BA Board level, for the operational community, made up of the engineering, flight operations and operations directorates, and to ensure that the whole community works seamlessly as one team to deliver for our customers.

In recent years, these departments have shared the best working relationship in living memory. The creation of this role provides a great opportunity to pull together even more strongly, acting as one team to hone performance for our customers, and to reduce waste and cost for our business.

“Keith has asked me to take on the role, and I am delighted to be working with Stephen Riley, director of Flight Operations and Andy Lord, director of Operations, and the great people they lead.

“Andy and Stephen’s roles will remain unchanged and they will continue to be very active members of the BA leadership team. Together we are determined to deliver ever better customer service, and secure a bright future for British Airways” said Garry Copeland.