Customers of all airlines landing on Heathrow’s 27L runway will get a better view of one of the airport’s most famous residents.

Some hard work and planning by BA Engineering, Operations and Property Services has seen Concorde Alpha-Bravo moved from a site close to the uniform store to a more suitable location near the runway.

The famous aircraft flew with BA from 1976 until it was retired in 2000, notching up more than 22,000 hours in the air.

Considerable groundwork was done to make the new site, where the old Runway Restaurant used to stand, suitable.

The aircraft has been tethered to the ground because of the risk of ‘weathervaning’ due to its position at 90 degrees to the prevailing winds.

As well as making sure Concorde Alpha-Bravo is securely tied down, engineers have had to take some further precautions that were unnecessary when she was still flying, including fixing the engine outlets to stop birds nesting inside.

It took around 40 minutes to tow Concorde to its new site, but even though she no longer flies, some issues never change: there was a 20-minute delay while the towing crew waited for clearance from air traffic control.