British Airways has teamed up with celebrity and frequent flyer Nicole Scherzinger to promote its recently launched First Class route to Moscow.

The singer and TV personality – who is the girlfriend of British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton – is all too familiar with the jet set lifestyle, currently dividing her time between Los Angeles and London, which she calls her ‘second home’.

Nicole said: “The first time I visited Russia was with the Pussycat Dolls. My first impression was that it was a beautiful place with incredible architecture and lovely people.

“But it can get bitterly cold, and I bought a fake-fur Russian hat for when I travel there. I’m from a warm climate, so when I visit cold countries, it’s all about the layers!”

Nicole continued: “I spend a lot of time doing the LA commute, so my preference is to fly British Airways First Class. I’ll try and eat a light dinner, preferably seafood as I find it’s easier to digest when I’m flying.

“The smoked salmon, scallops or the lobster appetizer would be my preference. It’s a bit of an indulgence to be brought dinner in bed, so I take full advantage of it – then I’ll try and get some sleep or listen to music.”

Nicole cites Moscow as one of her top five cities in the world to visit, the others being:

  • Honolulu – “It’s paradise and home”
  • New York City – “For its diversity, different cultural backgrounds and its city life”
  • London – “It feels like my second home”

Monaco – “It’s a haven right on the Cote D’Azure and is simply beautiful”