A new feature on ba.com, developed by British Airways Holidays and British Airways, lets customers package airfares and ancillary services, such as hotels and car rental, in Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese in one simple transaction.

The feature – called dynamic packaging – went live on British Airways’ website in English in 2009 and has transformed the airline’s ancillary business. But being available only in English has limited its benefits for the European markets.

“The new local-language service will be a step change in catering for our customers’ needs, enabling package-led rather than flight-only-led marketing to London,” says Marc Guiomar, marketing manager Europe and Africa & Openskies.

“It will also promote key long-haul destinations like New York from European hubs and help us grow bookings on ba.com and increase customer margins for bookings in Europe and Africa.”

Marketing campaigns are being launched in key European markets this month.