As long as its planes are loaded with bubbles, a good curry dish and Cadbury’s chocolate, it seems British Airways customers are happy.
Analysing its customers’ food and drink habits, British Airways made some surprising discoveries about the foods that really fly at 35,000 feet.

When it comes to sweet treats, despite investment in expensive luxury chocolates, business class customers have called for Cadbury. In response to demand British Airways now offers a range of brands from the manufacturer in its ‘Club Kitchen,’ which offers a stock of healthy and indulgent foods which customers can help themselves to throughout a flight.

Shepherd’s pie used to be a favourite, but topping the list of the most popular inflight meals this year is the Indian-inspired dish ‘butter chicken’, a rich, protein-packed hot dish designed to help create a feeling of comfort and induce sleep.

When it comes to drinks in the air, British Airways has introduced ‘altitude tea’ in partnership with Twinings, which is designed to blend effectively, as water boils at a lower temperature in the air. Meanwhile, requests for peppermint tea have soared and calls for sparkling water have also doubled.

But water is not the only place customers want bubbles; requests for sparkling wine and Champagne have meant the airline is loading more of the premium drink than ever before to cope with increasing demand. After air-testing ‘Balfour Brut Rose’ – an English sparkling wine produced in Kent, the airline has responded to calls from ‘First’ customers to bring it back and the brand will now feature as part of the exclusive wine list on the new A380 aircraft which flies to Los Angeles later this year.

Lager is also flying off the trolleys – so much so that British Airways is now loading additional beer which includes Amstel light for travellers to destinations west of London and Tiger for travellers to the east.

Lynn McClelland, head of catering said: “We listen very closely to what our customers are telling us. When the cost of food and drink is included in the price of a ticket, as it is at British Airways, it’s important we offer the things our customers enjoy most. In 2013 our customers want to enjoy indulgent treats and things which are synonymous with British home comfort.”

British Airways will be at Taste of London between June 20 and June 23, 2013.