British Airways Engineering Training have successfully delivered the first EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved commercially available Boeing 787 training anywhere in the world outside of Boeing!

Attending the course were customers from other operators as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The instructors were Mark Henry, avionics instructor and Nathan Vass, mechanics instructor.

 It is a 35-day course – the first five days provide a general introduction to the aircraft, its systems and structure. The remaining 30 days involve five intense training blocks covering the complete aircraft and delegates are examined at each stage for an approved B1 and B2 theory certificate.

 The course uses student paced computer based training (CBT) and traditional instructor presentation based learning, including line-orientated scenarios (LOS), using our state of the art B787 desktop trainer simulator system in the Engineering Learning Academy. It caters to a variety of learning styles and has been extremely well received by all those who attended.

 Mark Henry, avionics instructor said, “Everyone passed which is absolutely fantastic news and it should never be underestimated the amount of hard work, personal effort, additional home-working time and extended study required by students to ensure achievement on our type courses. Even after my many years in training, I still always get a great feeling of personal pride for our students when they pass. – Well done!”

 This is also fantastic news for BA Engineering as there are plenty more commercial training courses in the pipeline as Jasmine Takhar, account manager, engineering learning academy explains, “We have had huge interest in the new B787 courses and are delighted with the excellent feedback received from our customers about all aspects of the course in particular quality of content, instructors and facilities. It is an exciting and dynamic time in the Engineering Learning Academy with the expansion of commercial capabilities, attracting big players in the marketplace.”