Heathrow Airport (HAL) is today submitting to the Airports Commission three options for future airport capacity the lack of hub airport capacity in the UK. Each proposes a third runway placed to the north, north west or south west of the existing airport respectively.
HAL contends the two westerly options offer clear advantages, delivering a full-length third runway while minimising the impact on the local community from noise and compulsory house purchases.

HAL says the north west option performs better on noise and residential property impact than the north option whilst costing slightly more and taking slightly longer to build. The south west option further improves the situation for local residents but increases the cost, timescale and construction complexity. The north option is the quickest and cheapest, but offers the least noise benefits and has the biggest residential property impact.

Each option would raise the capacity at Heathrow to 740,000 flights a year (from the current limit of 480,000) andwould cater for 130m passengers.