Did you know that we use over 16 million drink cans per year? That’s over 180 tonnes of aluminium, enough to make nearly three Boeing 747-400 aircraft!
As part of British Airways Gatwick’s ongoing commitment to the environment, we are pleased to announce that recycling of cans on long haul inbound flights has finally arrived at Gatwick! This brings Gatwick in line with Heathrow who have been recycling on their long haul flights since March. Onboard can recycling was introduced with permanent effect on all inbound sectors on Gatwick long-haul flights from Monday July 29.

The process
Two green plastic recycling bags (loaded ex Gatwick) will be available in each galley in the same stowage as M2 First Aid Kit.

On flights arriving into Gatwick Only:
Due to differing laws overseas, cans should only be recycled when arriving into Gatwick. Please don’t use the bags on your outbound sector.

First and Club World Cabins
Collect empty cans (free of food waste) and place in the designated green recycling bags positioned in the galley.

Once full, tie the bag and place in any available catering cart.

Recycling bags must not be taken into First Class or Club World cabins.

World Traveller and World Traveller Plus Cabins
Tie the green recycling bag to the front handles of the waste cart, and use when clearing in after the drinks round. Please do not tie the bags too tightly as they will need to be removed for stowage. Once full, tie the bag and place in any available catering cart. Please note that bags must be placed into a catering cart in order to be recycled. They must not be placed in cupboards, toilets, wardrobes, dog boxes or overhead lockers. If space cannot be found, Health and Safety carts can be used (where available). Health and Safety carts will continue to have ‘do not use’ signs. Recycling is the only approved use of these carts. In the event that, for operational reasons it is not possible to find appropriate stowage, the recycling bag must be tied and placed in to a waste cart. No other equipment is to

Complying with regulations
As there are strict regulations regarding international catering waste and it’s recycling, it is very important that the cans are empty. A few drops of liquid are not a problem but any more than that and the can must either be emptied or thrown away.
There must also be no food contamination so, for example, where a can has been handed back on a meal tray and it has been left on top of the meal dish, it’s more than likely to be contaminated. If the can has been stuffed with wrappers, the wrapper should be removed – only if safe to do so –or the can thrown away.
The rule of thumb is: If in doubt, throw it out