British Airways has now taken delivery of its first A380 and B787 – our first new aircraft types in 17 years.

To help prepare for their entry into service, both the A380 and 787 will be used for flight and cabin crew training including a period of shorthaul flying during August and September – Frankfurt for the A380 and Stockholm for the 787.We are not planning to communicate the flight numbers or dates the aircraft will operate on these routes, as there may be last minute changes to the schedule.

Please familiarise yourself with the following staff travel information relating to the shorthaul flights operated by the new aircraft types:

  • Staff travel (standby, annual concessions) will NOT be embargoed.
  • A380 flights to/from Frankfurt will be capped to either a 767 or A320 configuration to allow for standby aircraft coverage. This means we will not selling the A380 to its full seating capacity. We will not be accepting passengers above the capped configuration of the aircraft.
  • 787 flights to/from Stockholm will be operated to full capacity.
  • Staff should list on flights as per the normal booking process using staff travel online, and follow normal staff travel procedures at the airport.
  • If the number of staff listing for these flights becomes too large, putting pressure on our airport teams, we may restrict the number of staff who can list. This will be kept under review.
  • Jumpseats (cabin or flight deck) will NOT be available for any staff member, including crew.
  • All other flights to/from Frankfurt and Stockholm will operate with normal staff travel rules applied.