On Thursday, August 8 British Airways showcased its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner to enthusiasts in Derby, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

More than a thousand Rolls-Royce workers watched the 787, fitted with Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines, flew 1,000 feet over the company’s Derbyshire site, side-by-side with a Spitfire.

BA’s first 787 pilot, Senior First Officer Mitch Preston said: “It was a huge thrill to fly our newest Boeing aircraft alongside one with such history, and over the factory where the aircraft engines for British Airways’ 787s and A380s were made. We didn’t realise so many Rolls Royce staff would be coming out to watch – we could see them all from 1,000 feet”

Shortly afterwards, the aircraft landed at Newcastle International Airport, where regional media, invited guests and colleagues from nearby Bamburgh Court offices were given tours of the cabin.

The aircraft then continued on to Edinburgh, were more than 30 frequent fliers based in Scotland became the first customers to fly on the aircraft, as it operates a special flight from Edinburgh Airport around the Highlands and Islands.

BA will begin short haul commercial flying for both its 787s later today. The aircraft will fly to Stockholm as part of the aircrafts’ introduction to service programme.