On Friday August 9, both of BA’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners began their short-haul commercial flying programmes as part of their introduction to service.

At least half the customers on board the first flight had been anticipating one of British Airways’ new 787s.

Australian Michaela O’Leary, travelling the world on an extended holiday had been to the Boeing factory tour in Seattle the previous month and had seen a BA plane on the production line. “It’s my first time on a 787,” she said from her World Traveller seat. “It’s shiny, new and I like the feeling of space and the big windows.”

She was sitting next to Andrew Bird, whose mood had been improved by the aircraft change as he had missed an earlier flight after his connecting service arrived late at Heathrow. “This is more than consolation,” he said, happily of his first Dreamliner flight. “And it’s a lot more comfortable the 737, which I seem to spend a lot of time on.”

There were five captains on board enabling Captain Mark Gregg to take a cabin walkabout to field questions and comments from customers. “It’s a joy to operate, it flies like the 777 with a lot of technological advancements,” he said. “It’s a fantastic aircraft.”

And there didn’t seem to be a soul on board who would say otherwise.