Sir Frank Whittle was the inventor of the Jet Engine, an invention which, as we know, has had a huge impact on British Airways and Airlines around the world. 

His idea for the gas turbine was once simply some notes on a piece of paper growing to a full working model near the end of WWII through sheer resilience and determination, and he was lucky enough to fly BA Concorde, seeing his invention in its ultimate form. 

Sir Frank’s official biography ‘JET’ is available now at stores, with the paper-back book retailing at £12.99  –  however we have managed to secure a discount for former staff and BA Clubs members  from Datum Publishing and you can purchase  a copy for £6.99 plus £5.75 p&h (still below the RRP) by using the following link and inserting the discount code ‘BATD2013’ at check out.

The story, which is a mix of Whittles colourful life and battle to build his idea mixed with some light technicalities of the engine, has broad appeal and you certainly won’t look below the wing in quite the same way again.