Everyone loves receiving an amenity kit on a flight. The toothbrush and toothpaste are always welcome, the eye-mask and ear-plugs are a winner, but British Airways is now taking it a stage further after conducting research with its First customers to find out what they really want in their wash-bag.
Kate Thornton, head of product and service, said: “We know from our research that our customers who travel in First want really useful, good quality toiletries by well known British brands on board. We also know they don’t always want to be carrying lots of little bottles on the flight themselves so the amenity kit is really important. What surprised us was the simplicity of the items they feel are missing from the traditional wash-bag. Deodorant is a good example, as is a decent hairbrush or comb. And a soft bag they can re-use for make-up, toiletries or carrying valuables or medicines.

“We took that research and have developed our new First in-flight amenity kit based on it, in partnership with Aromatherapy Associates.”

British Airways has created two classic new soft bags featuring its signature ‘To fly. To Serve.’ coat of arms. The kits include a range of specially tailored products for men and women. Designed with the customer in mind, the new collection from Aromatherapy Associates for women and The Refinery for men will offer solutions to in-flight problems such as jetlag and dehydration and, thanks to that research, the airline is also including additional useful items such as deodorant and hairbrush or comb and a pen.

The new bags will appear first on the airline’s new A380 aircraft to Los Angeles in Autumn 2013. At Christmas the amenity kits will begin rolling out across all other types of aircraft in First.