Contracts have been agreed for the making of a TV documentary series about British Airways, which is due to be screened by the BBC next year.

The three-part series will be made for the BBC by Lion TV, which produced the ‘Engineering Giants’ programme about BA’s long-haul fleet maintenance centre at Cardiff last year.

The planned documentary will consist of three one-hour programmes. The topics to be covered are likely to include the new aircraft, training for new recruits, setting up the Chengdu route, the operation in New York, and what is involved in managing aircraft, crew, airports and customers to fulfil BA’s daily flight programme.

Paul Marston, director of communications, said: “This project gives us huge potential to show to a peak-time audience the professionalism, dedication and customer care that are at the heart of what we do every day.

“A big television venture can never be risk-free, and we will be dependent on very many colleagues across the business to ensure it goes well. The filming timescale is tight, so we hope everyone who becomes involved will give the project their full support. This is the first major documentary about British Airways as a whole for a quarter of a century, so we want to make sure we make the most of the opportunity.”