From April 2014, many communications from the Airways Pension Scheme (APS) and the New Airways Pension Scheme (NAPS) will be available on the new-look pensions website rather than being sent to members by post.
Those members who usually receive a benefit statement from APS or NAPS can accessed it securely on the website. All the usual scheme documents can also be accessed from the website such as the member’s handbook, and there is lots of information explaining what pension the member and their dependants (if the member is providing dependants cover) can expect from the scheme.

Other documents available online will include yearly AVC statements, for those who usually receive these, as well as the In Focus newsletter and general updates from the Trustees of APS and NAPS. When a scheme member becomes a pensioner, they will be able to access pension statements and increase letters online. If a member leaves the company without drawing their pension, they can keep track of their BA pension value.

Members should look out for a letter from BA Pensions, which will tell them more about online pensions communications and will include a password to access the service. Those who do not wish to access online communications from APS/NAPS can opt out and continue to receive paper communications by returning the tear-off slip in the letter.

Certain individual scheme option letters including retirement letters and responses to individual enquiries will continue to be sent in paper form.