British Airways restarted its five times a week flights between Heathrow and Tripoli in Libya on Sunday April 27.

The airline suspended its services on Friday March 21 following a breach of security at the airport when the runway was damaged by a pair of improvised explosive devices.

Captain Rod Young, head of aviation security, said: “The safety and security of our colleagues and customers is always our very top priority and there has been an enormous amount of work going on to make this resumption of services possible.

“In the past few weeks I and other members of the team have been to Tripoli and held positive meetings with the British Embassy and the Libyan aviation authorities.

“The relevant authorities in Libya have made huge efforts and undertaken an extraordinary amount of activity to enhance the airport’s security regime and we will continue to work with them to ensure consistent and appropriate standards are maintained at all times.

“Our return could not have been achieved without the commitment of staff at the British Embassy who have been very supportive in making sure our requirements in order to resume services have been carried out by the Libyan authorities.”