Due to industrial action by air traffic controllers in France, BA has cancelled eight round-trip flights today (Tuesday, June 24) and is expecting knock on delays to some other short-haul services.

Three services were cancelled in advance:
BA360 Heathrow to Lyon (and BA361 return)
BA370 Heathrow to Marseille (and BA371 return)
BA374 Heathrow to Toulouse (and BA375 return)

A further five services have been cancelled on Tuesday morning due to knock on delays:
BA962 Heathrow to Hamburg (and BA969 return)
BA396 Heathrow to Brussels (and BA397 return)
BA308 Heathrow to Paris CDG (and BA315 return)
BA574 Heathrow to Milan Linate (and BA575 return)
BA480 Heathrow to Barcelona (and BA481 return)

BA is looking to use larger aircraft where it can to help affected customers on cancelled flights so they can rebook free of charge to alternative flights. The BA486 to Barcelona and its return BA487 has been upgraded to a Boeing 747.

Customers are being urged to keep checking the website during the week for the latest information about their specific flights.