With summer the prime time for jetting away, British Airways’ in-flight magazine High Life has revealed six new types of traveller, all influenced by modern technology and social media. The types have been defined as; Flashpackers, Fake-ationers, Luxury Voluntourists, Festitourist, Multigens and Brocationers, as featured below.

This tech-savvy backpacker won’t tolerate a £10 hostel when there’s a boutique B&B with a pool up the road with free WiFi. Flashpackers frequent the same routes as old-school backpackers, just with more cash and style – and iPads!
Famous Flashpackers: Joey Essex, Greg James, Charlotte Crosby
Flashpack destinations: Sydney, Bangkok, Marrakech, Greece, Bali
Flashpack hotels: L Hotel Seminyak (Bali), Riad Anyssates (Marrakech), Glow Trinity (Bangkok)

These well-heeled travellers book expensive trips to glamourous destinations, and stock up on travel essentials. But their phones will remain glued to their ear for the whole holiday, for both work and social arrangements.
Famous Fake-ationers: Victoria Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Simon Cowell
Fake-ation destinations: St Tropez, Tuscany, Los Angeles, Barbados
Fake-ation hotels: Sandy Lane (Barbados), Hotel Martinez (Cannes), L’Andana (Tuscany)

Why risk Glastonbury’s rain when you can guarantee sun at Soundwave in Croatia? Festitourists, bedecked in onesies, flip flops and Beats headphones can be seen in departure lounges across Europe every Monday of the summer!
Famous Festitourists: The Bodyrockers, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Cara Delavingne
Festitourist destinations: Croatia, Ibiza, Barcelona, Cancun
Hotels: Hard Rock Hotel Cancun (Mexico), Ushuaia Beach Hotel (Ibiza), W Barcelona (Spain)

Luxury Voluntourists
Wearing designer labels while feeding endangered species and taking selfies of them ‘saving the world’, today’s travelling hippies happily head back to their luxury seven-star resorts to sip a cocktail while talking loudly about their day!
Famous Luxury voluntourists: Leonardo DiCaprio, Pamela Anderson, Rachel Hunter
Voluntourist destinations: Kenya, Sydney, Johannesburg, Costa Rica
Voluntourist hotels: Motswari Private Game Reserve (Kruger Park, Africa), Park Hyatt (Sydney)

That noisy group all wearing the same ‘40th wedding anniversary’ T-shirts, better known as ‘The Multigens’. Typically made up of at least three generations, everything they do takes five times longer than it should!
Famous multigens: The Rooneys. The Kardashians, Mark Wright and family (Nanny Pat!)
Multigen destinations: Marbella, Dubai, Cyprus, Paris,
Multigen hotels: Melia Hotel (Marbella), Atlantis the Palm (Dubai), Four Seasons, George V (Paris)

Typically, this will be an alcohol soaked short break to a European capital attended by sales types and ad men. Think quad biking in the morning, whisky tasting in the afternoon and vomiting in the evening!
Famous brocationers: Justin Bieber, The Inbetweeners
Brocation destinations: Amsterdam, Prague, Las Vegas
Brocation Hotels: The Wynn (Las Vegas), Europa 92 (Amsterdam), Duo (Prague)

Claire Bentley, Managing Director at British Airways Holidays said: “With so many new social and tech-savvy travellers hitting their holidays this year, we have carefully selected hotels and holidays to suit every variety of holidaymaker.”

The full feature can be found in the August issue of High Life, which is available on all BA flights this month.