British Airways Maintenance Cardiff (BAMC) is set to take a starring role in the latest episode of a new documentary series about Cardiff Airport.

‘The Airport’ is a six-part ITV Cymru Wales documentary series narrated by Welsh sports commentator Eddie Butler, and follows Cardiff Airport through the course of a year – including the British Airways Engineering long-haul maintenance team at BAMC.

Airing at 10.40pm on Thursday, October 23, the programme gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look as BAMC shift manager Ken York and his team install seats in the ‘prestigious’ First and Club World cabins, inspect the cabin interior and check the engines on 777-300 G-STBL – before the aircraft is entered into service.

BAMC shift manager Ken York, who appears in the programme, said: “It was a totally different experience from anything I`ve been involved in before. My team and I just got on with the job at hand, but of course it’s strange to have a film crew watching your every move.

“I think it’s great that we’re involved in a documentary about Cardiff Airport, hopefully it will give people a bit of an insight into the great work that we do here at BAMC.”

Brett Allen, Producer of The Airport, said: “From the pilots and crew to the check-in staff and the baggage handlers, from the Directors, Managers and technicians, the series provides a unique glimpse into life and work at one of Wales’ key businesses.

“It was great to get behind the scenes at British Airways Maintenance Cardiff. BAMC is such a large, visible presence at the airport that we felt it was important to give viewers a taste of the work that goes on there.”