BA has begun a programme designed to fit modifications to its existing fleet of Boeing 787s

All eight of the aircraft currently with the airline are being taken out of service in phases to enable makers Boeing to make the updates, which will improve their operational performance.

Robert Crew, General Manager Engineering Services, said: “It is a common part of the process of bringing a new aircraft type into service that engineering and software improvements are made after delivery.

“This is part of the warranty system and other airlines who took the first deliveries of the 787 are going through or in some cases have completed the process.”

The first four aircraft to be delivered – BJA, BJB, BJC and BJD – need the most modification as they came off the production line in 2013. Boeing is carrying out the work on these four in Victorville, California.

It is expected each aircraft will take around 10 days to have the upgrades fitted.

The other four aircraft – BJE, BJF, BJG and BJH – are likely to have a smaller set of modifications completed early next year.

Once done it will ensure BA’s Boeing 787-8 fleet is fitted to the same specification as the models rolling off the production line now.