BA’s short-haul punctuality performance is being given a timely boost thanks to the roll out of revised Precision Time Schedules (PTS) for short-haul flights.The revised PTS clearly show the sequence and timing of events that must happen to get an aircraft away on time and is based on thousands of observations and input from experts involved in the process.

The new PTS for each short-haul aircraft is more visual and easy to use and is being shared with every team that contributes to ensuring on-time departures, from flight and cabin crew to engineers and of course Operations colleagues in the terminal, on the ramp and in baggage.

By ‘working together on time’, colleagues from a wide range of departments will use the new PTS to support short-haul performance and BA’s drive for improved punctuality across the network.

This summer BA has seen a decline in its punctuality performance across the board and this has had an impact on customer satisfaction scores over the period.

Keeping to the advertised schedule is all the more important for short-haul customers where a delay of 15 minutes can substantially lengthen their journey. And it has been pounced on by rivals.

Commenting on the initiative, Head of short-haul Robin-Glover Faure said, “Just last week easyJet launched a campaign directly comparing their punctuality to ours. We cannot afford to allow them to get ahead and provide better operational performance if we are to succeed in building a profitable short-haul business. Working together is vital to ensure we deliver on the basics our customers expect – to get them to their destination on time.”