British Airways has agreed with a request from Heathrow Airport and NATS to reduce its schedule at Heathrow today, October 21, due to the forecast high winds and heavy rain across the UK and parts of northern Europe.

The 20 largest carriers operating at Heathrow have agreed to reduce their flight schedules by 10 per cent between 10.00 and 21.00 (local time).

Some other UK airports as well as ones in northern Europe are also likely to reduce the number of aircraft they allow to land each hour for safety reasons.

It is forecast that there may be gusts at Heathrow above 40 knots per hour at the height of the storms and winds above 50 knots at 3,000 ft.

Customers whose flights have been cancelled were informed of the changes on Monday afternoon to give them as much notice to rebook their flights or to claim a full refund.