Wef 27 November former staff and/or nominees travelling between London Heathrow and Sydney on a Basic or Premium Standby concession will be required to list for each sector of their itinerary.The flight to/from Sydney operates via Singapore and colleagues must arrange their booking to include the Singapore sectors remembering that the BA015 from London departs Singapore the following day. Refer example below

BA015 28NOV London Singapore (listing)
BA015 29NOV Singapore Sydney (listing)
BA016 30JAN Sydney Singapore (listing)
BA016 30JAN Singapore London (listing)

This means that there is no longer the requirement to contact Staff Travel to arrange ticketing and the entire booking can be arranged and ticketed online and also refunds can be actioned in line with other routes. Additionally any changes to the listings can be managed online in the normal way.

For passengers using Basic or Premium Standby concessions sector fares will be used in line with normal Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) fare rules.

Colleagues travelling on Duty or using their Annual Concession will be able to book the direct London Sydney London flights only if confirmed at the time of ticketing.

If not, you will be required to split the journey via Singapore in the same way as standby passengers. Refer example below

BA015 28NOV London Sydney (confirmed)
BA016 05DEC Sydney Singapore (listing)
BA016 05DEC Singapore London (listing)

There are no changes to the booking and ticketing procedures for other multi sector flights i.e. from the Caribbean, and colleagues still need to contact staff travel when flights are standby or waitlist status.