British Airways now interacts with 21 million customers through its Know Me programme, allowing the airline to have personalised conversations with more people than ever before.

Millions of customers travel with BA every year. Although the airline knows their names and their booking reference it was previously unable to join up their details across multiple bookings.

Today the airline can identify 21 million customers by joining up everything it knows about them through Know Me. What’s more, the airline has the ability to contact them directly, enabling personalised communication.

The programme had a target of ‘knowing’ 20 million customers by the end of 2014 and has achieved its goal two months early.

Drew Crawley, Chief Commercial Officer, said: “This is great news for us as an airline but more importantly it is great news for our customers.

“Customers have told us that they feel more engaged with the BA brand after having personalised conversations. We are now looking at investing so that we can scale and embed what we have learnt about our customers over the last couple of years.

Rob Thorne, Head of Data Governance in the Know Me Team, added: “Although this is a great achievement there are still around 34 per cent of customers that remain ‘unknown’.

“In reality this means that we do not have accurate contact details for them. To enable Know Me to support personalisation developments across the business it is vital that we can contact the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time.”

To increase the number of known customers, the new ContactAble programme will introduce a standard for holding customer contact data within a booking. To support this change, the Know Me team needs full visibility of all systems and projects that use booking customer contact data.

Colleagues can post details of systems or projects using this data on the ‘Booking Contact Data – sources and consumers’ thread in the ContactAble Yammer Group.