As part of the airline’s plans to consolidate into two terminals at Heathrow, British Airways is making a temporary move from Zone D to Zone G in the landside concourse at Terminal 3.

The move is being made to enable a complete overhaul of Zone D, which will re-open in the autumn, providing an enhanced experience for both BA customers and colleagues as we move towards our vision of operating out of only Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 from the summer.

In moving to Zone G, which has access to the new T3 integrated baggage (T3IB) system, the airline will benefit from improved baggage delivery and connections between T3 and T5. Bags can move between terminals at a faster pace, which enables the airline to move to a three-hour acceptance time for non-premium customers on all flights.

The Zone D overhaul will include connecting it to T3IB, plus a staff travel area, new facilities and an unaccompanied minors’ lounge. Operating from two terminals will help BA to make the most efficient use of its space at Heathrow and to improve the experience for customers and colleagues.