From 29 March 2015 IB Express will be operating from Terminal 5 to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Tenerife North and Palma. Flight numbers will be in the BA500 series.These flights are currently not loaded into the site for arranging travel on BA. Until this is resolved the following will apply.

Travel from LHR to Las Palmas or Tenerife North

You should contact staff travel who will create a booking you. UK staff should contact 0844 4930764. Non UK staff should contact their local number.

Travel from LHR to Palma

As Palma is also operated by BA out of Terminal 5 you will be able to purchase a BA ticket online via the site for arranging travel on BA but you will need to contact staff travel to list on the IB Express flight.

Travel from Las Palmas or Tenerife North to LHR

You must purchase a ticket closed to IB from the site for arranging travel on other airlines.

Travel from Palma to LHR

You will be able to use your BA ticket for travel on the BA flight or the IB Express flight.