British Airways’ first ever Business Newsletter was launched this month.

The joint project between Know Me and UK&I Marketing follows in the wake of the successful Leisure Newsletter which provides news and offers tailored to individual customers.

There were over 450 personalised variations of the first Business Newsletter which was sent to over 250,000 BA customers and Executive Club members. It contained 17 offers tailored to an individual customer based on their previous business travel. Offers included Executive Club sign-up, value business from Gatwick and an introduction to American Airlines. The newsletter exceeded expectations by achieving a 56 per cent open rate and a 10 per cent click through rate – both of which are higher than the airline’s normal average.

The long-term aim of the newsletter is to build loyalty by providing a monthly personalised platform to promote BA’s network and that of its partners. Going forward the newsletter will also be sent to On Business members when the loyalty programme for small and medium sized businesses is re-launched at the end of May