British Airways’ food and beverage offering is getting a boost as investment is being made into a number of enhancements on board board

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BA is continually gathering information about what its customers truly value, and what makes them most likely to recommend and use the airline in the future. By gathering this data it is possible to work out where best to invest money to increase customer satisfaction. Along with cabin crew and in-flight entertainment, one of the areas that customers care a great deal about is food and drink on board.

For this reason, more money is to be directed into BA’s food and beverage offering over the coming months. Flywell, crew feedback and customer feedback from Customer Voice and focus groups has helped to identify areas where the airline is not always satisfying customers.

These initial changes are the first phase of the enhancements which will be rolled out over the next few months.



​Enhancement ​Why?
Ratio change
The meat option on the primary hot meal service, including hot breakfasts, will be increased by 10 per cent to 70 per cent. The vegetarian or non-meat option will be reduced by 10 per cent. Routes where we already load more of the protein option, for instance Africa and Japan outbound, some inbound routes to Gatwick, and the Indian routes will not change. Inbound Gatwick flights that currently have 60/40 ratio will be changed to 70/30.
​This is based on crew feedback that customers are often disappointed when they don’t get their first choice meal. This change should make it more likely for World Traveller customers to get their first choice.
Cheese and biscuits to be added to the primary hot meal tray for outbound flights from Heathrow and Gatwick with only some exceptions: India, Japan and Korea. After July 1 India will have an alternative product on the tray that is better suited to its customers.
​Because both crew and customers were asking for an increase in the quantity of food offered in World Traveller.
Frozen treat
On the Japan and Korea routes, a mid-flight ice cream will be added to the outbound flights to match the service on the inbound flights.
​Because ice creams proved very popular with customers on these routes inbound.
Enhanced appetiser
The appetiser on the primary hot meal trays will be improved. For example, smoked salmon or tomato and mozzarella are just some of the enhancements to the salads on all outbound flights from Heathrow and Gatwick.
​To give a more premium feel to our World Traveller meals.
Snack savvy
The quantity of tuck boxes will be increased for long range daylight band 5 services (BKK, CTU, HND, ICN, NRT, PEK, PVG).
​So that when customers feel peckish during the flight they can visit the galley and help themselves to more snacks.
Chairside bite
A mid-flight chairside snack will be introduced on Bangkok inbound (to replace the current ice cream offering) and Rio de Janeiro outbound flights
​To make them consistent with other long range daylight flights (apart from Japan and Korea that will have mid-flight ice creams).
Protein portions
The primary meal service on the inbound Bangkok flight will now offer two protein options, and will be a western style menu.
Because crew feedback has indicated that different menus would suit the customer profile better on this flight.



​Enhancement ​Why?
Dessert adjustment
Cheese will be increased by 10 per cent making the ratio 60 per cent dessert: 50 per cent cheese on Heathrow and Gatwick routes and A380 services (with the exception of POD return catered routes, goodnight, sleeper, Seoul, Japan or India flights). This will begin from June 1 for outbound, June 2 for inbound to make sure extra cheese plates are available for overseas caterers.
​Because of crew and customer feedback, along with the Flywell ‘dessert versus cheese’ quiz, that highlighted the increasing popularity of cheese in Club World.
Sweet treats
Chocolate will be added to the Club Kitchen on long range services for Heathrow and Gatwick on all flights, both day and night.
​Because chocolate is always so popular in the Club Kitchen with BA’s customers.
​ ​Mid-haul move
The mid-haul catering operation for flights out of Heathrow will be transferred from Gate Gourmet to DHL with the Club World food to be produced by Do&Co.