Recognition technology, which can identify customers as they walk, is being tested by IAG’s Digital team working alongside colleagues from BA Airport Transformation

The system is designed to identify customers as they walk, smoothing their departure experience from arriving at the airport to boarding their plane.

A camera (pictured above) has been set up in Waterside to test the technology and organisers have appealed for volunteers who use the building’s main entrance three to four times a week to take part in the trial.

Ana Hidalgo de la Vega from IAG Digital explains: “The trial is to test its accuracy and the speed at which it recognises users, without them having to break their stride.”

“We are looking for 100 Waterside based volunteers. You would simply have to look up at the camera as you walk through security on to the street, and make sure you pass through at least 3 to 4 times a week.

“After assessing the accuracy of the technology, we will look to do another beta trial in the T5 lounge with invited Executive Club members. Here we will aim to recognise them as they approach the lounge, for a more personalised experience.”