October marks the fifth anniversary of the Atlantic Joint Business (AJB). In 2010, American Airlines (AA) British Airways (BA) and Iberia (IB) formed the AJB which brought new routes, onward connections and shared revenue.

Since then, the partnership has continued to grow. Finnair (AY) joined the alliance in July 2013 integrating their Helsinki hub and strengthening the alliance’s position in the Baltic, Scandinavia and Northern European markets. US Airways’ merger with AA in April 2014 allowed for more growth in North America.

To celebrate the anniversary a special video has been created and a competition launched offering colleagues the chance of winning Club World flights to New York. See below for more details.

Since the conception of the AJB, the alliance has grown revenue by 57 per cent and an additional 35 routes have been added, providing a global network of more than 406 destinations. In that time, British Airways has added three new destinations to its US network; San Diego which launched in 2011; Austin in 2014 and more recently, San Jose, California which starts May 2016.

“Before the AJB, we were only able to offer customers a schedule of 24 North American destinations served exclusively from London,” said Sean Doyle, Head of Alliances and Joint Businesses. “Today we are able to offer our customers a combined schedule across 86 destinations from three hubs in Europe to eight hubs in the US. Ultimately it means more flights, more flexibility, better connections and dedicated support for our customers.”

The alliance offers significant customer benefits and rewards including lounge access and priority baggage privileges and more opportunities to earn and redeem frequent flyer benefits on transatlantic flights. The oneworld Global Support Centres offer the best connection experience, helping customers transfer with ease. The partnership also allows for the best re-accommodation options for customers in the event of flight disruption meaning problems can be fixed quickly when things don’t go to plan.

“If BA is to continue to be profitable we must work successfully with our airline partners,” said Drew Crawley, Chief Commercial Officer. “These alliances are important for customers as it gives them greater choice and flexibility in terms of where and when they travel. And when I say customers, I don’t just mean BA customers but customers across our partner airlines as they are all our customers too.”