This summer has been the airline’s busiest on record. Around 230,000 more customers flew this August. However, overall satisfaction increased by three points versus July and remained stable compared to August 2014.

Customer satisfaction scores for August showed signs of recovery following a difficult July, when claimed disruption hit a 12-month peak. This was despite a number of incidents beyond the airline’s control, including two power outages at T5 and numerous ATC delays, which led to disruption for our customers.

Customer recommendation, or NPS, saw a four-point boost versus last month but was still one point below target, reflecting the operational difficulties.

Hallmarks scores also increased across the board and, while higher than this time last year, remained below target for the quarter.

The importance of consistently delivering the Hallmarks is borne out in the latest Customer Insight report, which shows the impact colleagues can have in recovering a poor customer experience.

Commenting on the findings, Kate Thornton, Head of Service Recovery, said: “Resolving a customer’s issue is naturally the key to recovering a situation. Doing this while showing empathy and making a genuine apology can actually result in a customer’s overall satisfaction being higher than that of customers who report a trouble-free journey”.

Satisfaction Scores:

​Overall satisfaction ​53% (+3 pts VLM)
​Intent to recommend BA ​-1 (VTAR*) (+4 pts VLM)
​Intent to travel again ​57% (+ 2pts VLM)
​Value for money ​37% (+1 pts VLM)