If you are planning a holiday to South Africa in the coming months please refer to the following important information

Christmas and New Year 2015/16

Travel travel between London Cape Town and Johannesburg over the forthcoming Christmas and New Year period is known to be a peak travel time for commercial customers. It will be no different this year and in addition the England cricket team are on tour in South Africa and BA are not operating extra Cape Town services. This is resulting in even more commercial demand.

Because of this staff travel will be even more difficult and it will be crucial that if you are planning to travel to SA you must make alternative plans ahead of departure just in case you are not accepted for your preferred flights.

Whilst Johannesburg will also be very busy over this period it does offer more options for back up tickets via a European point using other airlines.

Remember that Cape Town now operates from/to Terminal 3 at LHR whilst Johannesburg remains in Terminal 5 LHR.