Colleagues have been thanked for helping to meet the airline’s 2015 punctuality target.

British Airways ended the year at 77.8 per cent for departures within 15 minutes.

It also achieved the best yearly network Ready To Go since 2011 at 56 per cent and the best Q4 performance in 15 years at 61 per cent.

Garry Copeland, Managing Director of Combined Operations, said: “Given the headwinds we’ve dealt with through the year, this has been a genuinely remarkable achievement. We’ve seen systems issues from without and within, extremely busy European skies, a big increase in customer numbers, periods of poor weather and the start of the roll out of FLY.”

“This is the culmination of months of hard work, determination and outstanding teamwork from across the company. Every department has upped their game over the past few months, focusing on a measure our customers really care about and our competitors judge us by – our 15 minute performance.”