Customer satisfaction dipped slightly in January following an excellent performance in December last year, however scores still remain positive.

According to the latest insight report, the satisfaction scores dropped by just one per cent compared to December 2015.

The delivery of the Hallmarks also remained positive, with similar scores compared to last month. ‘Be there for our customers’ and ‘share what you know when it helps’, kept level with the same scores as in December. ‘Listen and make things better now’ and ‘set the tone with a warm welcome’ only dropped one per cent.

Looking back to last year as a comparison, customer satisfaction has significantly improved. Despite higher passenger volumes year-on-year, satisfaction has risen four per cent compared to January 2015, while the airline’s net promoter score (NPS) increased by three points. Improvements were particularly strongly for short-haul scores.

For a more in-depth look at the customer insight scores and analysis, see the full report: