For travel from 15 March 2016, the Canadian Government have introduced an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) for passengers flying into or transiting any Canadian point. All arriving customers travelling on a visa-exempt passport, which includes most UK and other European Union nationals, will need to obtain an eTA online through the Canadian government website in advance. 


When will the Canadian eTA be introduced?

Arrival into or transiting via a Canadian point from Tuesday 15th March 2016


Who must obtain an eTA?

All tourists flying on a visa-exempt passport no matter the age of the customer


Which nationalities are included in the visa-exempt passport scheme, hence now require an eTA?

British, Irish and most European Union nationals do not require a tourist visa, as well as tourists from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. To check, see


Are there any exceptions?

USA citizens and any traveller with a valid Canadian visa do not need to obtain an eTA


How long in advance can the eTA be applied for?

Can be applied for at any time, either with or without an airline ticket being purchased. In most cases the application is processed within a few minutes but customers are advised to apply for an eTA well in advance of their flight departure.


What happens at the departure airport if the customer does not have a valid eTA?

If no valid eTA is found against the customers’ name and passport they will not be accepted for the flight. The customer will be required to go online and obtain an eTA for all members of their family before they can be accepted for a flight to or transiting Canada.


How much does an eTA cost?

Each eTA costs CAD7, paid for online with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or prepaid cards.


What is the application process?

Apply online through the Canadian government website,

Valid passport, credit card and email address required