Transport industry leaders, including IAG, ​and intergovernmental organisations, have signed the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Buckingham Palace Declaration. The declaration aims to reduce the levels of trafficking of endangered animals by improving information sharing, staff training and resource sharing across companies and organisations worldwide. 

The endangered animal trade is a growing problem and the transport industry is looking remove the vulnerabilities in shipping and customs. Around 30 elephants are slaughtered every day and, unless the practice is stopped, it is believed that the species could be extinct within a decade. Under similar threat is the rhino – a single horn from the animal can be sold for up to $1m.

With such large sums of money involved, powerful cartels are now behind many acts of illegal trafficking. The declaration was established to try and combat the problem.

To find out what the industry is doing, hear case studies and to learn how to get involved, IATA is hosting an hour-long presentation in the Red Triangle at Waterside on April 21 at noon.