Since the introduction of multiple boarding passes on the BA mobile app, almost 10 per cent of mobile boarding passes have been issued as multiple boarding passes.

“I love this new feature,” commented one customer. “I have always wanted to be able to download boarding passes for everyone in my family without having to carry a zillion phones.”

“I used the new multiple mobile BP function in the app for the first time today,” said another customer. “It worked very well when doing online check-in, I was able to download the boarding passes one after the other (4 in total) and they were stored handily in the Wallet in one group so that you can scroll through them by swiping left or right.”

This feature means that not everyone in the group needs to present their own mobile device at check-in or at boarding. Customers are advised to let the device owner scan each member of the group first and scan themselves last.

Although customers still have the option to print out a paper boarding pass, if the boarding pass scans correctly, customers do not need one. Multiple boarding passes are accepted at every customer touchpoint including security and on board.


  • Each boarding pass is indicated by a white dot at the bottom of the screen. There is one dot for e​​ach boarding pass. Just swipe right-left to move through the boarding passes and scan each boarding pass as normal.
  • Multiple boarding passes will only show when customers travel from airports where mobile boarding passes are enabled.
  • The new app functionality will hold a maximum of eight customers’ boarding passes.
  • Bookings which contain infants cannot use this feature.
  • This update is available on iPhones and Android devices