With more than half a million children or infants expected to fly with British Airways over the busy summer period, some changes to ba.com have been made to help smooth the experience for parents.

The Service team and ba.com colleagues have worked together to completely re-categorise the family travel section of the airline’s website.

In preparation for schools breaking up for the summer from next week, the new look pages provide useful advice and services for families, helping them to easily find everything they need, in just a few clicks.

Kate Thornton, Head of Service said, “Our latest customer data shows that overall satisfaction is four times higher when the share hallmark is delivered. So it makes sense we start sharing infomation with our customers as early in their journey as we can. The refresh is also a useful reminder for colleagues of all the additional services BA provides for families.”


  • Making sure families sit together by reserving seats in advance
  • Reserve seats for free seating when travelling with an infant

Food and drink

  • Order children’s meals in advance
  • What can be brought on the journey for infants
  • Airport security restrictions re: baby milk and formula in hand baggage

At the airport

  • Use the BA app to download multiple boarding passes onto one mobile to keep the family together
  • Family lanes through security where available
  • Taking a pushchair right to the gate to make life easier for those with small children
  • Families board first

For more details go to ba.com