IAG is considering setting up a low-cost, long-haul operation based in Barcelona from 2017, flying to destinations including Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.In a statement, the parent company said: “International Airlines Group plans to set up a next generation long-haul operation in Barcelona from June 2017.

“Barcelona has become a significant airport hub and we believe that there is a demand for these flights from El Prat. It is also Vueling’s base and we will be able to hub passengers from Vueling’s extensive European network onto these long-haul flights.

“Destinations being considered include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Havana and Tokyo.

“Options for the new route include setting up a new airline or consider using existing resources from IAG’s airlines. No final decision has yet been made.

“This new operation will add another dimension to IAG and complement the other airlines in the Group.”