Customers can enjoy Club Europe on UK domestic flights from April 1 as part of Plan4’s multi-million pound investment in premium cabins. Club Europe services across short-haul will also benefit from a refresh from March, including a new service style, refreshed crockery and meals that better suit the time of day. As part of Plan4, these investments will focus on changing the way we care for our customers.

Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO, said: “Club Europe, our short-haul business cabin, remains an important part of what we offer, but when I joined British Airways I could see ways we could improve it to deliver even more benefits for our customers and drive a more consistent service.

“To start with we’ll be making improvements to the service, catering and choices our customers receive in Club Europe and we’ll be aligning the service style with that of Club World, our long-haul business cabin, so customers connecting across our network get a really joined-up experience.

“British Airways is the only UK airline to have both a short-haul and long-haul network and we know that’s incredibly important to the many customers who transfer across those networks every year, because it makes for a smooth, easy experience. Many of those who are connecting have selected a business class seat on either our European or long-haul networks, with the requisite benefits that delivers in terms of comfort, service, lounges and Executive Club bonuses, but can only choose an economy booking on any domestic legs of their journey. Clearly it makes sense to offer them the option to select a complete business class experience throughout, so I’m delighted that we’ll be introducing Club Europe on our domestic network for travel from April 1.”

The airline will automatically upgrade customers to Club Europe who have already booked in the top five economy fare classes (C, D, R, I and U), as well as those booked on a Business UK ticket (J and Y classes).