A measure of seasonal sales that is calculated by dividing each month’s actual sales by the average monthly sales, and then multiplying results by 100. If the result is more than 100, that means there’s been growth; if less than 100, there’s been a loss. This is a supplier’s pricing policy that doesn’t permit resellers to advertise prices below a specific amount. This is a product that can be produced at a low cost in high volume, but still provide each customer with a customized offering.

If your CTR is high but your conversion rate is low, something is wrong. It either means you’re not setting the right expectations for shoppers or you’re targeting too broad of an audience.

For instance, when Harris Teeter offers Super Doubles, they usually double coupons that are $2 or less face value. On normal double days, they only double coupons worth .99 face value. They have not offered Super Doubles since the pandemic began and we do not know if they will ever offer the promotion again. Running a business is no easy feat, but Square is here to help. We have all the tools you need to start, run, and grow your business, whether you’re selling in person, online, or both. And we’ve made all our tools to work together as one system, saving you time and money — and making decisions easier. So you can get back to doing the work you love and focusing on whatever’s next.

Abbreviations In Financial Services

EDI standards allow ecommerce companies to share data across different platforms and technologies without human intervention. This communication method reduces waste, supports automated order DISCOUNTED ITEM: ABBR. processing, and decreases the risk of human error. Also known as average transaction value , AOV is the average value of all orders placed during a specific period — usually a month.


A category of cloud-based software designed to help sales reps sell faster and more effectively. A sales method used to dissuade customers from choosing or remaining with competitors by giving information that triggers fear and uncertainty.

The Top 20 Most Valuable Online Retail Abbreviations

An order for goods that cannot be fulfilled at the current time due to a lack of available stock. Backorder implies that a product’s demand outweighs its supply. Due to its high costs, air ship is often used in the case of speeding up a product’s lead time for an earlier receipt.


Inventory or supply in excess of what is needed based on demand. OTB is the difference between how much inventory is needed and how much is available.

Lean Procurement

This Glossary will help you to understand meanings of abbreviations used in SAP Documentation, Program names, the very Banking area, etc. Feel free to add any Banking related abbreviations to the following table.

A formula used to determine whether it’s the right time to sell to a prospect. A department responsible for sending a company’s invoices to customers as well as collecting payments and handling disputes. Compares two versions of something to see which one performs better. For example, you can see which subject line performs better by sending two variations to prospects over a set period of time. We’ve collected and defined over 100 B2B sales acronyms and commonly used terms, complete with quick navigation to help you find the lingo you need to know. This metric is an indicator of how often customers are viewing your ASIN in their sessions​.

To be able to clearly define rights and obligations in the event of escalation, it is important to clearly name all conflicts that could arise from the main contract. The clause should also describe the procedure and sequence .

  • This typically happens as a sale at a lower selling price.
  • Refers to the reduction in sales of one product due to the presence of another product in the assortment.
  • In Analytical Banking there are a lot of abbreviations used.
  • CR is short for “conversion rate” and refers to the ratio of leads that are converted into paying customers.
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Precise determination of the potential customer’s requirements for the characteristics of a product, service, performance or system. Strategic reorientation of purchasing; restructuring of the process and organizational structure of purchasing .

Impulse Purchase

A procurement auction is initiated by the purchasing department. Competing sellers or suppliers bid for to be auctioned goods, services, etc. There are a number of auction methods, including “Japanese” , “Dutch” and “English” auction . A company’s liabilities are what it owes to suppliers and service providers etc. for deliveries or services that are already performed. Subareas of accounts payable are, for example, also document processing, invoice verification and posting procedures. Terms used in procurement can be quite complex and there are many concepts to familiarize oneself with. For this reason, we decided to make a list of key terms and abbreviations in procurement.

Similar to allocation, penetration refers to the impact a product’s or category’s sales has to the overall business. If a product or category makes up 5% of total sales, it would be said that it has a penetration of 5%. Refers to goods produced to supply a special or individual demand. Ordering or manufacturing of the item does not begin until after a sales order is received from the customer. Lot size refers to the quantity of an item you order for delivery on a specific date.

Committed Stock

Regulation of the payment of monetary debts of payers in transactions. Longer payment terms enable working capital improvements. Refers to the right to buy or sell an agreed item at a later date at an agreed price; conditional forward transactions . In this case, the contracting authority publicly invites an unlimited number of companies to submit tenders. The suitability is checked by evaluating the tenders and the contract is awarded to the most economical tender. Relocation of operational work processes to nearby foreign countries.

  • If there are deviations, a correction must be made in the form of a reimbursement .
  • This department store or grocery store helps drive foot traffic, making it a great neighbor for smaller retailers.
  • It’s probably because I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time in high school on AOL Instant Messenger .
  • A method of representing a product in a unique, machine-readable form.
  • It is important to identify these organizational weaknesses at an early stage in order to avoid interruptions in the production or supply of key products or services.

Bundles are the combination of multiple SKUs selling as one. Relates to the number of product lines a company carries. Breadth is used in conjugation with depth which is the variety within each of the product lines.

Nis = New Item Setup

A markdown is the difference between the original retail price and the reduced price — it’s the devaluation of a product, usually because it’s not selling at the original price. A markup is the amount of money added to the wholesale price to obtain the retail price. When using a drop shipping method, the retailer doesn’t keep the products in stock. The order and shipment information is just passed on to the manufacturer. Key performance indicators are measurements of how well an online retailer is progressing towards achieving a specific business goal.

  • CAPEX investments often require strategic and long-term focus from procurement since they obtain high value and high risk of failure.
  • For example, if you see the AOV for visitors from Facebook are consistently high, you can invest more of your marketing budget there.
  • Any organization that processes credit card payments needs to prove it is PCI compliant.
  • Retailers calculate AOV by dividing the total profit received by the total number of transactions.
  • This is the percentage of revenue left after expenses have been deducted from sales.
  • The growth rate at which inbound leads are increasing.

Either the process of, or the team charged with developing working relationships and growth opportunities within organizations. Across all accounts, the mean amount of revenue per month. A machine-readable code to identify a specific product. It consists of 12 numeric digits that are uniquely assigned to a product. Replenishment term – after the first order has been received, RP code will switch to PR. Fill rate measures the quantity that was shipped vs identified as being shipped. Referred to as Enhanced Brand Content for Seller Central sellers and A+ content for Vendor Central sellers.

ERP is business process management software that integrates multiple applications to manage the business and automate functions. A method of moving goods to the end user without going through the typical distribution channel. It can be used in retail as a method of fulfilling stock not held in store to the customer from a warehouse.

NPS is measured on a scale of 0-10, with zero being least likely to recommend and 10 being most likely. A period starting at the beginning of the current month, and ending at the current date. How much a company is growing with its qualified leads, month over month.

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Abbreviations and acronyms are shortened forms of names. They are typically portrayed as capital letters of the first letter of each word in the name or phrase, but there are always exceptions. For example, “DNA” is an abbreviation for a two-word phrase and TB stands for one word . Value Added Tax — also known as goods and services tax — is a fee retailers are charged on every cross-border sale. It’s calculated using a fixed percentage that applies to every shipment, regardless of contents. Metrics are just plain ol’ calculations, such as monthly order volume or net new customers. KPIs are also measurements, but they’re more strategic and give you better insight into the overall health of the business.